Grown in Canada Products

Posted By on Jun 23, 2012

We are proud Canadians offering Canadian grown whole grains and foods. We started with the beloved Hemp grain, since the popularity grew to the demand for more Canadian grown food items we have sourced some of the best resources throughout Canada. Seeds of Canada: Hemp Seed – Grown in Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario Flax Seed – we offer both Brown & Golden Flax Grains & Rice of Canada: Saskatchewan Wild Rice White...

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Our Hemp Products

Posted By on Jan 12, 2012

Product / Size Hemp Nut #1 8,000 lb plus (totes) 2,000 lb plus (totes) 50 lb bags 30 lb boxes Hemp Seed1lb,12/case Hemp Nut Fines 2000 lb plus (totes) 50 lb bags Hemp Oil (filtered) 1000 L plus (totes) 200 L barrel Hemp Oil 4L,4/case, 750ml 12/case, 500ml/6 (Glass Bottles) Hemp Nut Butter Organic 250g/12 Hemp Protein (60%) 8,000 lb plus (bags) 2,000 lb plus (bags) 50 lb bag, 454g 12/c Hemp Meal, Organic 454g/12 Hemp Protein (45%)...

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