Dear Rain, Our Hemp Farmers in Manitoba are behind schedule…due to

Dear Rain,

 Our Hemp Farmers are worried here in Manitoba…it’s a late start to harvest for our upcoming year…we can’t work with this weather, too humid for hulling…

The condition of the hemp during combining also influences how well it goes through the combine.  “One evening we pulled into a large hemp field and combined until 2:00am, when we ran out of truck space… we went back out at 9:00am or 10:00am the next morning and started again. And we just couldn’t keep it from wrapping inside the combine. Yet we were having no problems the night before.

 We have yet to figure out why, but we think it might have been a change in the humidity.” -30-

So Mother Nature we ask you to please be kind, so we can grow more hemp for this year’s harvest 2011/12…

Hempfully yours,

Hemp Girl