Fruit & Vegetable Powders Market Expected to Jump $180 Billion by 2019

The market for fruit & vegetable ingredients is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.6% to exceed $180 billion by 2019. The demand for natural fruit & vegetable-based ingredients is rising as a result of increasing consumer awareness regarding health issues caused by synthetic ingredients used for flavoring & coloring of the processed food & beverage products.

Fruit-&-Veggie-PowdersNorth American Hemp & Grain Co. certainly knows the potential of this projected growth in food innovation with fruit & vegetable powders. As a food & beverage manufacturer we also amongst others have witnessed tremendous growth in the processed food & beverage industry in the last five years. This has substantially affected the fruit & vegetable ingredients industry and an upsurge was recorded in this industry, simultaneously. New technologies have initiated the emergence of innovative ingredients derived from fruits & vegetables. The developing countries present a viable market for the manufacturers, as these regions are emerging as potential markets with the availability of raw materials. The rise in disposable income of the growing middle-class population in developing countries is also creating demand for a broader range of products.

Getting your daily recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables seems easy, yet as most nutrition experts will admit, few North Americans are doing it. That’s where the recent generation of innovative ingredient manufacturers and food and beverage processors comes in. Through more sophisticated methods of processing and concentrating, fruits and vegetables are becoming powders, extracts and super-concentrates. Our fruit & vegetable powders are specialized foods that have extremely high concentration of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. They make a great addition to your smoothies and other recipes. These specialty plant-based powders are often combined with each other and other valuable nutrients such as probiotics and enzymes, to make foods that pack in many times the nutritional content of ordinary fruits and vegetables. The 100% fruit & vegetable powders available at North American Hemp & Grain Co.

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