Grain & Flours

Bulk units 25lb, 50lb (Ask about pallet volume discounts)

Organic Grain:

Amaranth Flakes 25 lb

Amaranth Grain 25 lb

Barley Flakes 50 lb

Barley Pearled 25 lb

Barley Hulled, Fair Trade, Organic 25 lb

Buckwheat Groats Hulled 25 lb

Buckwheat Kasha Roasted 25 lb

Buckwheat Whole Inshell 25 lb

Bulgur Wheat medium 25 lb

Couscous 25 lb

Couscous Whole Wheat 25 lb

Hard Red Spring Wheat 50 lb

Kamut Flakes 25 lb

Millet Hulled 25 lb

Oat Groats, Lightly Toasted 25 lb

Oats Quick 25 lb, 50 lb

Oats, Rolled 25 lb, 50 lb

Oats, Steel Cut Organic 25 lb

Popping Corn 25 lb

Quinoa Royal (Bolivia) 25 lb

Quinoa 25 lb (Peru) 25 lb

Quinoa Black 25 lb

Quinoa Red Bolivia 25 lb

Quinoa Flakes 25 lb

Rye Grain 44 lb

Spelt Flakes 25 lb

Spelt Hulled, Organic 50 lb

Soft Wheat Pastry Kernel 50 lb

Organic Flour:

Almond Meal – Roasted 25 lb

Amaranth Flour 50 lb

Brown Rice Flour 25 lb

Buckwheat Flour 25 lb

Chick Pea Flour 50 lb

Coconut Flour 20 kg

Corn Flour Stone Ground 11.34 kg , 20 kg

Corn Meal Yellow 50 lb

Kamut Flour 50 lb

Millet Flour 50 lb

Oat Flour Whole 50 lb

Pastry Flour, Whole Wheat 50 lb

Quinoa Flour 50 lb

Spelt Flour, Fine Soft 20 kg

Spelt Flour, Whole 20 kg

Teff Flour 25lb

White Flour Organic, NutraBake 20 kg

Whole Wheat Flour Organic, NutraBake 20 kg

Whole Wheat Flour Organic 22.5 kg


Corn Flour 50 lb

Chana Flour Fine 55 lb

Potato Flakes 18 kg

Teff Flour 25 lb

White Flour UB/UB 20 kg

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