Hemp and Rosemary Strong Shampoo Bar



Hemp Shampoo: an invigorating deal with in your hair and scalp


Merely calling it a shampoo doesn’t do it justice! Dolomiti BioHemp hair shampoo is a actual panacea in your hair and scalp. Because of hemp, rosemary and hempseed oil properties, it has a reconstructing and purifying motion that make your hair more healthy and extra lovely in only one wash. 

Hemp and rosemary are in actual fact plant merchandise used since historic instances in cosmetics and pure drugs for his or her immense helpful properties. Because of this now we have chosen them for our hair well-being merchandise.  


Our hemp shampoo is a stable, natural and sustainable product. Actually, hemp comes from our natural crop within the coronary heart of the Trentino Dolomites, at over 1000 meters above the ocean degree. 

It’s a 100% pure product, delicate and good even for essentially the most delicate pores and skin. The stable format reduces waste and facilitates its use, making it good for touring. 


Hemp Shampoo: the advantages of CBD and rosemary


Absolutely the protagonist of our shampoo is CBD, current in our hemp crops, and mixed with rosemary and hempseed oil, means that you can acquire actually immense advantages. 

CBD in one of the essential cannabinoids current in hemp crops and appreciated for its complete absence of psychoactive results. 

Utilized commonly on the scalp is has a sebum-regulating perform that helps in maintaining wholesome pores and skin and counteracting the formation of dandruff. 

Additionally wealthy in antioxidants, it helps forestall hair harm and getting old. 

Moreover, the presence of amino acids and fat from hempseed oil, equivalent to Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9, stimulates hair progress and gives the correct quantity of vitamins important to nourish your hair and to strengthen it. 


Rosemary, in addition to CBD, has pure anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and purifying properties. Actually, it helps to maintain the scalp clear and hydrated and additionally it is used to fight androgenic alopecia, as proved by the Japanese researcher Kazuya Murata, who in a research additionally demonstrated the essential motion of Rosmarimus Officinalis on hair regrowth. 


Our hemp and rosemary shampoo will aid you maintain your hair hydrated and nourished. Your hair shall be quickly stronger, thicker and more healthy.. in brief: extra lovely!

It’s appropriate for individuals who have fragile hair that tends to fall,  break simply or broken by aggressive remedies. But additionally for these on the lookout for a pure and efficient product and easily need lovely, wholesome hair.


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