North American Hemp & Grain Co. Launches Canadian Origin Vegan Powders & Pieces For Commercialization

Although nothing can replace whole fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable powders offer a convenience the whole forms cannot. They can be easily blended together to offer a broad spectrum of nutrients and incorporated into a variety of products so consumers are able to receive several servings of fruits and vegetables from just one source. People live busy lives and don’t often have enough time to consume the recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables daily, which is why North American Hemp & Grain Co. are pleased with their decision to embark on innovations in powders to enhance food and beverages and provide minimally processed ingredients derived from whole fruits and vegetables.Publication1

We strongly feel that our innovative plant-based technology for beverage & food markets are designed to appeal not only to vegetarians but also to the growing group of consumers who are reducing their consumption of meat.

Whether pressed, centrifuged, dehydrated, or blended plant based powders, pieces, or flakes continues to be one of the hottest health food trends around.  Food ingredients made from combinations of fruits, vegetables and greens can be extremely nutritionally beneficial considering the volume of vitamins, minerals, fibers, proteins, antioxidants and phytochemicals supplied to your system—especially if your body is not accustomed to this regularly.

Global to local way of thinking was the core criteria for North American Hemp & Grain Co. food producers mandate.

We certainly felt that there is a structural link between localized economies and diversification on the land. And this in turn means higher productivity—with even smaller farms with higher levels of biodiversity actually produce more food per acre of land.

This initiative also provided more jobs instead of relying on large machines and lots of fossil fuels.

Teri Wallace: We are very pleased to provide locally sources fruit and vegetables, certified organic and non- GMO sources to develop our powders, flakes and pieces for commercialization for new product producers.

 As more people choose to reduce the consumption of animal products in their diets, the evolution of vegetarian food products will continue with North American Hemp & Grain Co. This evolution of vegetarian food products is not unlike other foods for which developments have helped our initiatives in formulations to create better products. Attracting consumers who may not be part of a traditional consumer base is something that producers of vegetarian products continue to improve upon through ingredient developments and clever marketing.

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