Planet ‘Food’ to Survive Not Money…twisted ‘corporate conglomerates & governments’

You can earn 100 k off 25 acres of land, it has also been shown that the same can be done on 5 acres or less of land, this is the future of sustainable living.  We can talk about the most important currency on the planet ‘food’ and we are talking about quality food made up of real minerals and vitamins. We need food to survive not money (watch Zeitgeist).  What about those hot-house foods, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, the moment you bite into that hothouse tomato, what does it taste like?  Does it taste like that juicy tasty tomato that came out of your grandmothers garden?  If it tastes blah that means there are no vitamins and minerals in the tomato and that goes for all of the other hothouse foods.

We have become a lazy society and dependent on corporations growing our chemical, dyed injected GMO denatured food. We have given responsibility over to twisted ‘corporate conglomerates and governments’  our false gods before us to feed us with one agenda  in mind, disease, control and profit.   We continually complain about sickness and disease  and erosion of our food supply, we are sick people because our food is sick.  When does it stop?  The solution is  taking responsibility for ourselves, teaching our children and family;  start growing our own foods, putting love back into our food.   That is right bringing back family values. Bottom line take responsibility change starts with us with you.  Learn how to grow your own food, the educating process of taking charge for self.