Why Hemp?

Why Hemp?

Hemp is a member of one of the most advanced plant families on earth, capable of using the sun’s energy more efficiently than virtually any other.

North American Hemp & Grain Co. is a vertically integrated between the Canadian Farmers, Grain Processors, oil mill and Service providers to reach the market place with our organic grains. We are a motivated company proud members of the Hemp Industrial Alliance HIA that are working with the Canadian Agricultural Community focusing on acquiring organic hemp & grain to the wholesale, commercial and retail market at the best possible price. We take pride in our commitment of Canadian Agriculture, natural growing, chemical-free materials.

The hemp seed is a complete wholefood:

  • Hemp  seeds are rich in essential nutrients including Vitamin E, calcium and magnesium, iron, chlorophyll, phosphorus, and fiber.
  • Hemp is an easy-to-digest soy alternative, dairy and meat alternative
  • Hemp has a balance of all 9 essential Amino Acids, making it a complete vegetarian protein source. Amino acids are the building blocks of cells antibodies, muscle tissue, and enzymes.
  • Hemp is one of nature’s best sources of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). EFAs are not made by the body and must be obtained through food.
  • Hemp’s perfect balance of Omega-6 and Omega-3 contributes to the health of  hearts, joints, and skin.


Hemp grows tall and fast, which means it competes with weeds. Hemp’s deep roots aerate the soil, building fertility. It is an ideal plant for crop rotation and organic farming. Besides being a great food crop, Hemp can be used to make paper, clothes, building materials, and even fuel. Sustainably growing hemp is a great alternative to logging and deforestation. Unlike much of the soy grown in America, hemp is never genetically modified, a practice which threatens the delicate balance of our ecosystem.



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