Oatmilk Powder

Oatmilk Powder


Now offering Ready-To-Drink and non-dairy beverage dry oat powder. Slightly sweet oat powder produced via natural enzymatic processing. As such, most of the wholesome oat essence and nutrition has been preserved. This oat milk powder has excellent solubility & stability allowing it to function well in a Ready-To-Drink formulation, snack bar applications, and any other non-dairy food/beverage applications.

Ingredients: Oats and Non-GMO Tocopherols

Appearance & Taste: Off-white powder with slightly sweet taste and an odor characteristic of Oat.

Applications: Powder. Dry beverage and bar formulations, additional nutrition, protein fortification, flavor and texture

Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan & Non-Dairy, Soy Free, Gluten Free

BRC AA+ Graded Facility

Made in the USA

Contact us today for more details & pricing direct info@hempandgraincompany.com or 888-265-0811


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