Organic Yellow Pea 85% Protein

Organic Yellow Pea 85% Protein

Hands down, cleanest, most functional, neutral flavor profile of any proteins in the market.

Hypoallergenic, easily-digested, low sodium, non-GMO 85% protein

Organic Yellow Pea 85% Protein -Water Soluble

Most complete amino acid profile of any pea protein in the marketĀ 
Lowest sodium content of any pea protein in the market (about 300 mg per 100 grams)
100% sourced from North America grown non-GMO and Organic yellow peas
Natural Low Viscosity (15 CPS @ a 10% solution)
Incorporates easily into high protein formulations
Other benefits: Gluten Free; Dairy Free; Soy Free Vegan; hypoallergenic; non-GMO; Organic

Product availability coming Summer 2018, please make direct inquiries for more details.


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