Protein Fortification Plant-Based

Protein Fortification Plant-Based


As protein continues to gain popularity in mainstream channels, consumers have demanded more variety in protein beverage ingredients. According to a new report from Packaged Facts, the thriving and growing market for plantbased proteins has given Americans the push to become less … Plant protein ingredients are available as fractionated concentrates and isolates including powders used specifically for fortification, and as whole food  ingredients inherently high in protein that contribute characterizing flavor, texture and color attributes to food and beverage products.

North American Hemp & Grain Co. Ltd offers a range of plant-based powders, non-dairy milks and functional proteins which offer excellent nutritional value and superior functional properties—like flavor, solubility and stability.

Hemp Proteins
Pea 80-85% Proteins
Rice Milk Powder
Hemp Nut & Other Nut Milks

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