Oilseed Processing

North American Hemp & Grain Co. offers both small and large-scale Oilseed processing

Our Oilseed processing begins with the harvesting of oilseed on the farm where its grown, and continues through oilseed extraction where the oil in the oilseed is extracted, clarification, packaging, storage and shipping of the final oilseed oil. 

Many seeds, nuts and kernels contain oil, a vegetable oil, which can be used after it’s removed, in the following uses;

  • cooking

  • as an ingredient in other foods¬†

  • as a nutritional supplement for both human and animal markets

  • as a raw material for the manufacture of soap, body and hair oils, detergents and paints

We offer competitive prices, farmer direct oilseed processing currently for the following:

hempseed – we specialize in hempseed processing, offering both cold pressed and refined process methods



chia seed

sunflower seed

pumpkin seed

All inquiries on our oilseed processing services, prices please call direct 888-265-0811 or email: peter@hempandgraincompany.com