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Our Marketing, PR & Direct Sales team is committed to working with clients and getting the best return of investment for their hemp base related product & services. Each of our team members possesses in-depth knowledge of online marketing and markets behavior – no challenge is too big for us.

We are also proud Canadians working we are ready to work with you and deliver real results for your product anything hemp related!

Hemp Out Marketing Agency:

As a Marketing, PR & Direct Selling arm for North American Hemp & Grain Company; a natural food provider to support change towards eco-food movement, we pride ourselves in our commitment into sustainable natural food, hemp materials to support our conscious consumer. This movement towards Eco-Foods and growing concerns of conventional grocery transitions into organic eco-products is our mandate.

As a marketing & promotion agency we do see a number of these foreseeable future trends, strategies, and initiatives relate to sustainability and the burgeoning green movement, and provide further substantiation of the continuation of this trend with consumers and integration within the industry. As the industry becomes increasingly competitive, strategies that tap into the growing green consumer market are expected to become a growing method for differentiation in the minds of consumers.

Increasing concern for chemicals in food is expected to continue the movement of natural and organic items into the mainstream marketplace and key presence in grocery stores. This increasing demand will be met with an increasing available supply as manufacturers’ adapt to meet consumer preferences by removing artificial additives from products. Similarly, green packaging is predicted to increase in presence in grocery retailers in the next decade, with packaging items such as plastic and tin particularly decreasing in use, and reduction packaging such as vacuum packaging expected to increase.

Consumer concerns combined with increasing preferences for fresher products will also continue to fuel the local food movement and “local brands”. Closer sourcing for products should lead to the possibility of cheaper prices, which corresponds nicely with future expected rising food prices and consumer price consciousness.

While this price consciousness among consumers will place pressures on some traditional products, consumers’ acceptance of higher prices for added-value products, such as sustainable or healthy items, will continue to support a green industry.

As the economy continues to rebound and recover, an increased surge is expected again in the green movement as consumer and industry focus begins to divert back from more economic concerns to future sustainability and evolving consumer demands. All things Hemp. It’s our profound belief in awakening a wider environmental consciousness, by collectively marketing ‘hemp out’ of an alternative culture and into the mainstream.

Hemp Out is a social movement that views social behavior around natural food trends in the marketplace.

Dedicated to creating and implementing all your social marketing needs, we specialize in helping small businesses use social media tools, sites and applications to connect with customers and prospects. Apart from that we offer all our tools for print media as well, with a unique sharing agenda we offer each customer an option to use their own logo for their own online or in-store promotions. We believe in the power of sharing and branding for our customer! In fact, we’ll handle it all for you. Big corporations have the money (and time) to create social media departments, and hire the new employees to handle their social media marketing needs. Most Small businesses may not. Even hiring one additional employee can be a very expensive added yearly cost. We’ll Be Your Social Media Marketing Department.

Relying on our team’s collective experience, when you partner with HEMP OUT Agency, it’s like having your own Social Media Department. You’ll even get your own Social Media Project Manager assigned to your company, focused on making social media work for you to meet your objectives. Each Project Manager leans on the experience of a dedicated team with rich knowledge in:

  • Social media marketing strategy with cross promotion branding online
  • Banners, Sell Sheets & Landing Pages
  • Blogging & Social Sharing
  • Video marketing with all-things-Hemp
  • Consulting with your ideas and our tools

We devote our time and energy to learning about your business and how we can apply our social media marketing expertise to build your brand and connect you to the ever-growing social community.

When it comes to social media, the people have the power. In addition to enhancing your brand’s identity and online reputation, we work hard to establish, maintain, and strengthen authentic relationships with people within your community, your industry, and your target audience—with the goal of attracting new customers to your business.

You’ve already waited too long as it is to create or improve your presence online and on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest & others. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to interact and reach out to people in ways that you never could before.

Hemp Out Agency Team’s Portfolio of Talent:

A team of 8 women across the map within North America working at home, the hours vary for each one of us, we work independently but never alone. From Graphic Design, Writers, Researchers, Artisans, Social Media Marketers, savvy sales B2B & Promotions we pride work with all things HEMP! Going Green as a Team! Conscious consumers just like you. Some of the Hemp Out gang may confess that they are social media introverts, or lovers of blogging…likely due to our addictions to social-ology, natural health, world crisis & saving our planet, real trending movements… we love learning, we care to save our planet, to eat 90% raw food, hemp’s versatility, growing, health, biochemistry, quantum thinkers, online marketing, real people, and vegetarian lifestyle.






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