Ms. Teri Wallace


With extensive Internet & traditional B2B, B2C Sales & Marketing experience, and Generation Y, I naturally gravitated to the new world of online marketing, dating back to the early 1990s; I bring a seasoned approach to working with clients. As an entrepreneur, nutrition expert, hemp activist & lover, I am involved with several hemp-related client projects; manufacturer companies integrating hemp into their brand through which I help businesses gain a competitive advantage. Majority of my work is derived from the health & food manufacturing industry with related marketing & direct B2B sales initiatives in manufacturing, distribution and branding.

What I Do Apart From Direct Sales:

Social Media Marketing & Social Selling, Blogging, Copywriter& Research, and Digital Media Strategist:

  • Manage PR campaigns and initiatives e-business
  • We figure out the best ‘fit’ for digital media according to profession & PR
  • Complete various social media marketing tasks and projects
  • Train and counsel staff members about the implementation of social media technologies
  • Generate and execute social media marketing campaigns to increase clients’ visibility
  • Develop strategies to manage online presence today, administrate daily productions
  • Initiate e-mail marketing, set-up platform, on-line booking, and Q&A platforms.
  • Research – Relevant markets, competition, budgets, market pricing

Computer Skills, Integrated Applications, Internet Marketing

  • Web Design: Blogger Platform, WordPress, Typepad Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); WordPerfect
  • Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop
  • Pinnacle – Digital Media Administration, Story Development, Project ManagementPDF Application,
  • Email (Outlook, Webmail); Handheld PDF/Word conversion, Publisher, Illustrator.
  • Web template graphic, CSS, XHTML/HTML, Web Design/Affiliate set-up, PPC, e-mail marketing platforms AWeber/Constant Contact, Google analytics/feeder. Web Administration & Project Management.


  • C.C.N.H. Natural Health Holistic Nutrition Degree started 2002
  • C.H.F.A. Certified Sports Nutrition Program, 2002
  • Alternative Arts -2 Year Program Douglas College 1997
  • Business Administration Diploma 2 Year Program 1993
  • Advertising & Marketing Management Diploma 1993
  • Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design Certificate 1993

What Clients Say:

Teri Wallace is the wildly wonderful diva behind the blogs. She’s smart, she knows the latest greatest ways to drive traffic, AND she isn’t afraid to raise eyebrows. She’s on her frontlines of social media marketing and has a penchant for ranting over fads and supposed marketing panaceas. She has no fear of controversy and calling things as they are. She has her ‘Sass’ to being as effective, efficient, and profitable as possible. You may want to turn her loose onto your projects… get ready for a big reality check for your business! She’s the person you bring your Vision Board to and say, “OK, now what do we Do?” And of course, flirtatious blogging & fierce copywriting for your social media lead generation, she positions herself as your expert for attraction marketing, creative musings, and so much more.

Teri is “creatively-intense” individuals who will positively “influence & change lives” through our creative “new thought visual-phenomenon and social-psychological marketing”. Together, we are each other’s biggest fan-clubs! Teri is extremely perceptively-intelligent, fantastic-writer, creative, etc. the list goes on and on.

What I Say:

“I do believe in today’s fast-changing and increasing complex world, customer relationships and advocacy are essential to sustainable profits and growth my passion is Social Media marketing. I feel it must be a critical component of a business’s customer relationship building initiatives it is a priority in my tactics in supporting projects.” Let’s face it; this is the age of self-generated media, I strongly feel Branding, Marketing for anyone today is about manufacturing a ‘Feeling’. Today’s consumer are more transparent than ever, we care about what we eat, and value truth about our food landscape, labels are becoming more challenging with today’s market. I pride myself in becoming one with the conscious food movement, and today’s digital marketing.