Hemp Products

hemp products: oil, milk, powder and seeds

Product / Size Serving Human & Animal Markets:

Hemp Hulled Seed Certified Organic & Conventional
8,000 lb plus (totes)
2,000 lb plus (totes)
25  lb units
Retail Pack Size Options:  
Organic & Conventional Hemp Seed1lb,15/CASE
Organic & Conventional Hemp Seed 5lb bags, 4/CASE
Toasted Whole Hempseeds Certified Organic & Conventional  **Minimum orders do apply, inquire today for more information.**
Certified Organic & Conventional Hempseed Oil  cold pressed
1000 L plus (totes)
208 L barrel
Unit of measures: 4L,4/case, 1 litre 12/case, 20 litre, 208L, 1000L
Hemp Protein (43%) Certified Organic
8,000 lb plus (bags)
2,000 lb plus (bags)
50lb units
Hemp Protein (50%) Certified Organic 
8,000 lb plus (totes)
2,000 lb plus (totes)
50 lb bag
 Hemp Fiber Protein (18% Protein, 44% Fiber) Certified Organic 
 Food-grade suitable for animals and humans
 8,000 lb plus (totes)
 2,000 lb plus (totes)
 50 lb bag
 Hemp Nut Milk 
Minimum 1,000 Litres Bulk

**Private Label Co-packing services are available inquire within; minimum orders start at 20,000 units.**