Plant-Based Proteins Contract Services

North American Hemp & Grain Co. with their strategic partners leading the way to establish themselves as the plant protein industry leader through “Innovating Food for the Future” This team effort with our innovators and industry leaders will bring about fresh ideas, new product offerings, and real solutions capable of addressing the real problems associated with many of the plant proteins from being commercial viable and accepted options i.e. price, flavor, availability, quality, texture, etc.

Our products ranging from: hemp, flax, pea, quinoa, sunflower, chia, pumpkin, and several more under way for commercialization scheduled for 2015 – 2016.

Much of our success can be attributed to our highly seasoned team of experts in the areas of process and product development as well as process engineering. Combine this with our sound scientific approach, out of the box thinking, and a unique ability in applying existing technology in new and innovative ways.

Let our expertise in processing provide you with innovative process/product development and scale up, thus minimizing your costs and decreasing time to market.

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