Plant Based Proteins

Plant Based Proteins

North American Hemp & Grain Co. with our highly seasoned team of experts in the areas of nutrition in the field of functional, renewable plant proteins, process and product development, scientific approach as well as process engineering allows us to offer our extensive list of composition, application, and process patents technology. With our innovative technology and proprietary processes, with our team we can offer nutritious and functional plant proteins as ingredients for the global food and beverage industry world wide.

We offer plant-based protein powders for commercial, and manufacturers ranging from:

Hemp Proteins 18 – 50%

Pea Protein Powder 80-85% complete plant based protein water soluble

Oat Milk Powder

Hemp Milk Powder

Rice Milk Powder 

Please inquire for further details on these plant based proteins, and certifications that we provide to 888-265-0811



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