Dehulling Hemp Grain

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 A non-heating mechanical process dehulls the tough outer shell of the seed. This dehulled hemp seed (also called hemp meat and in precise botanical terminology, is an achene, which is actually a type of fruit) has virtually unlimited uses.

Dehulled hemp seed has virtually unlimited uses. Examples of its use are: sprout mixes, spreads (tahini, tofu, hummus, tabouli and other ethnic dishes), as a topping over vegetables, salads, fruit, yogurt, potatoes, rice, and pasta, mixed in chutneys, pestos, sauces and gravies, and used in salad dressings and marinades. Other suggestions are: in desserts for cookies, pies, ice cream, and in snacks, such as trail mixes and nutritional bars. Also use in cereals, such as granolas, whole grain and flakes, and in special diet mixes, high protein mixes, powdered green drinks and seed milks, and can be ground up as a nut butter. Hemp seed can be an ingredient in either sweet or salty foods.


Dehulled hemp seed is best preserved in the refrigerator or freezer. It can be kept indefinitely in the freezer and used directly from it as needed. Refrigerated, it is good for up to 12 months.