Terms & Conditions

Minimum Orders:  All US orders $250. US orders less than $250 will be subject to a $10 surcharge. Unless otherwise discussed with customer service prior to, for R&D, sample reviews and other references for smaller quantities.

Shipping: All orders we provide ship quotes for review with our buyers. We provide custom clearance and paperwork details for all US orders, fees associated to that will be detailed on our ship quotes prior to order confirmation.

Payment: Initial orders must be prepaid by certified cheque, eTransfer email, or wire transfer.

Prices: All prices and price quotes are subject to change without notice.

Our Terms: Prepaid Orders 50% deposit at the time of purchase order, balance to be paid prior to shipping.

Freight Claims: When receiving a shipment, please check the piece count in the shipment and make sure it corresponds to the bill of lading. You must note any discrepancy (e.g. missing pieces or damaged goods) on the bill of lading and have the driver acknowledge it with his name and signature. Then notify us by phone, email and fax within 24 hours of delivery. Any product in question must be held for pick up. Do not discard any product until claim has been concluded.

Credits and Refunds: Requests for any credit, no refunds credit only; must be reported to us within 7 days of delivery. Please quote the invoice number and obtain North American Hemp & Grain Co. approval before returning or destroying any product. North American Hemp & Grain Co. will only accept goods returned with its prior approval. Goods cannot be returned for a credit or exchange after 7 days from delivery date.

**We will not accept products because of spoilage due to poor storage before the “best before” date.

**We will not accept products back with dates 3 months from the delivery date of the order.

 **If goods are returned for any other reason, the customer must pay the freight charges for their return plus a 20% restocking fee.

 **We will not accept returned product that has been revised in any way, stored incorrectly, handled poorly by others service provides, manufacturers and distributors that have re-packaged, formulated, added other ingredients or altered in any way.