Hemp Protein vs. Whey Protein, The debate!

One common query is how hemp protein stands up to whey protein powder.

We are told whey is tested, approved, it works, so why move to anything else? If you’re getting results with one sort of protein, why make the move to hemp and run the chance of reducing your workout results? There are lots of reasons to consider hemp protein as an alternative to whey protein. In reality, I would like to debate that moving to hemp protein is one of the finest things you can do for your overall health if you’re currently taking whey protein supplements. Hemp Protein Powder
Pros : You will need less : since there are no fillers and additives and it supplies the eight essential amino acids and trans-acids, you may need much less hemp protein than whey protein for equal benefit. It’s more soluble : Hemp protein won’t sludge your system, bloat you, or cause you to feel uncomfortable. Your body can instantly recognize and digest natural, entire hemp protein.
Fiber Content : Hemp protein contains fiber, and some additions have hemp protein powders with even more natural fiber to help in digestion.
Natural hemp also has friendly bacteria that help in digestion decreasing bloating to keep you looking lean. Each serving of hemp protein gives your daily fix of fiber.

It’s organic whole food, non-GMO with complete proteins : you’re digesting the same nutrition that the human body has known for those two hundred thousand years, all the way back down the food chain.

Bad Breath : you may have less dragon breath that many of the whey counterparts give you, either due to their Dairy content or the artificial additions that give you nasty belches or stinky breath while you’re working out, or even thru the night.

Plant-Based Protein : Hemp seed protein has natural plant chlorophyll and alkalizes to maintain Ph balance in your body. It’s also piled high with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Cons : Taste : if you are used to sweetened protein powders, you will find the nutty plant Flavour of organic hempseed protein a bit of a shock. However, Nutiva makes natural flavored hemp shapes now which make the taste better, and you may also make your own hemp shake recipes.

Cost : It is more dear than its whey counterparts. Whey protein is obviously much cheaper

Storability: Hemp protein doesn’t tend to last as long on the shelf as its whey counterparts.

Whey Protein Powder Pros:
It’s cheap : Whey protein is a cheap option and the market is highly competitive, so there’s no lack of inexpensive whey.

It’s widely available : walk into any healthfood shop and you will find tub after tub of options in Whey protein. Which ones are the best? If you can find them, the ones that contain as full protein as possible and no synthetic flavorings or sweeteners.

Heavily researched : Without entirely dogging Whey protein, there’s a lot of analysis to back up the advantages of Whey protein that work. So, do the research before buying any Whey supplements. Cons :
Heavily processsed : Most whey protein products you’ll find are heavily processed proteins to make them cheaper, more fascinating, longer storability, and taste better.

Less assimilation : Whey proteins will probably have less absorption than hemp protein.

distension: For many folks, eating bulk amounts of whey protein could cause bloating, gas, and loss of appetite.

You’ll take more : there’s a reason why Whey Protein is sold in giant tubs frequently you are taking in huge scoops daily. Remember that taking More is not necessarily better if its not absoring as fast.

If you’re currently taking Whey protein for iron pumping, I challenge you to try hemp. If you’ve modified up your workout and remain on the same diet, I highly recommend seeing counsel if ┬áHemp Protein powder is the answer you want to continue seeing results.

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